A Ghost Story
Lesson 55intermediate Turkish Intermediate
A Ghost Story
Boo! Did I scare you? Or, I should say, were you scared? In today's lesson, we're talking about the passive mood. That is, the passive mood will be talked about.
The passive voice (il).
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I was thinking about the korkmak korkulmak distinction...
I think maybe its more useful to think of korkmak as "to fear" which is an active verb.
Then we have:
"Korkmak" - to fear
Kediden korkuyorum - "I fear cats"?
"Korkulmak" - "to be feared"
"Korkulurdu bu evden." - "This house is to be feared"

This then works with other forms, for example:
"Korkutmak" - "to make sb fear"

May 13, 2013
Bravo! I think that's a great way to explain it :)
May 15, 2013
Hey, spotted a small error in the Language Points section.

Kapıyı açtı - to passive - Kapı açıldı

In the translation underneath, it says "He closed the door" and "The door was closed" respectively. Açmak means to open however.
Jul 22, 2013
How about
Korkmak - scared of
Korkulmak - scared by

Kediden korkuyorum - I'm scared of cats
Ben bu kedi tarafindan korkuldum - I was scared by this cat?

Hmmm....not quite sure it works....
Mar 27, 2014
Anonymous Commenter

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