A Pirate's Life
Lesson 37beginner Turkish Beginner
A Pirate's Life
Arrrrrr matey! We're sailing the wide open seas in today's lesson. We captured a couple of nouns off the coast of Barbary and have them tied up together in the brig. Keep in mind - when you put two nouns together in Turkish, you have to do something special.
Compound nouns.
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from the hand bag
Apr 29, 2013
She bought the red handbag
Kirmizi el cantasini aldi
Red isn't a noun here, so i don't understand the ending of "canta"
Could you set me straight ?
Dec 14, 2013

el = hand
çanta = bag
el çantası = hand bag (compound noun)
el çantasını = the hand back (accusative)

Kırmızı actually has no effect at all. Let me know if that didn't clear it up. :)
Dec 16, 2013
Thanks Justin
I understand now. I had a senior moment!
Handbag in English is one word, but really is a compound word in English. I was thinking of it as one word in English and the red being part of the compound, which didn't make sense.
Dec 16, 2013
elma çayım
In this case, ı is not compound suffix, ım is possessed suffix
is it right?
Feb 21, 2014
Yes! Though it is indeed a compound noun.

Whenever a compound noun is possessed, that compound noun suffix disappears.

elma = apple
çay = tea
elma çayı = apple tea
benim elma çayım = my apple tea
onun elma çayı = his apple tea
Feb 21, 2014
Video biraz tüyler ürpertici, ama her neyse teşekkürler!
Mar 29, 2014
Nice dialog!
Jul 08, 2014
There doesn't seem to be any speaking practice for compound nouns, as under that link there is the speaking practice for profession suffixes instead. Can you please look into this?
Oct 06, 2023
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