Getting a Phone
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Getting a Phone
To stay connected in Turkey, you're going to need to do battle with the confusing and sometimes infuriating phone registration system. Today, we've at least got you covered when you get far enough to purchase a plan.
Buying phone credit.
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everything in this lesson?
I have not tried yet, but Vodafone Holiday Line (Pay as you go sim) looks to me like a good option:
All Numbers in Turkey: 0,40 TL / minute
Local SMS: 0,41 TL
International SMS: 0,75 TL
Internet: 0,001 TL per KB -> 1TL per MB
Jun 11, 2013
how can i say the following sentence.
i have to go
she is cooking food.
they are to pay for my ticket.
i have a bad disease.
Jul 02, 2013
gitmem lazım (there are also many other ways to express need in Turkish)

o yemek pişiriyor

onlar benim biletimi ödecekler (lit: they will pay for my ticket)

kötü bir hastalığım var

Jul 08, 2013
istemek fiili genellikle ismin "-i " hali ile kullanılır. Bu yüzden "hangi sim kartı (istiyorsun)" olmalı. Ve yine bu yüzden " Hangi araba istiyorsun?" "Hangisi istiyorsun?" kullanımı yanlıştır. Doğrusu: "Hangi arabayı istiyorsun?" "Hangisini istiyorsun"
Jul 14, 2013
the lesson was good for the practice but i think before we speak and write we should be able to read the turkish language fluently.
Jul 18, 2013
I don't agree. I think you should practice all of them as you learn to reinforce your total understanding of the language. If you waited until you could read fluently, you wouldn't start speaking for years. :)

And I think most language learners' ultimate goal is to start communicating as quickly as possible. You can't communicate with anyone by reading.
Jul 18, 2013
thanks for the advise, i will practice them altogether ...
Jul 18, 2013
What is the difference between the following

O yemek yapiyor
O yemek pisiyor?
Jul 19, 2013
The difference follows English "make food" and "cook food" very closely.

In many cases, they are interchangeable. For example, you can make dinner or you can cook dinner.

Just like in English, you don't really use pişirmek unless you are actually doing some sort of cooking. So in Turkish, you wouldn't use pişirmek to describe making a sandwich, for example.

Hope that helps :)
Jul 19, 2013
this is such a fantastic language tool - you have done a great job and I am really enjoying the lessons. I hope you get lots of new customers from the Gocek/Fethiye area - I am telling EVERYONE about your website. Do you know of a really good Turkish grammar book and a website that lets you practise Turkish grammar?
Cheers Miranda
Jul 21, 2013
Thanks so much Miranda!

It depends what level you are at, but my favorite beginner book is Teach Yourself Turkish. My favorite more intermediate book is called Colloquial Turkish (I'm sure you can find both of these with a quick Amazon search.)

As far as Turkish learning websites go, there's not a lot out there (hence, we started Turkish Tea Time, ha). I think does a very good job going through the grammar, though it's not interactive or very pretty.

What specifically are you looking for? We're going to be adding some features soonish - any feedback is always very welcome.
Jul 22, 2013
Dr Öztopçu's Elementary Turkish is the one I find easiest although not very interesting. I have both the others and loads more. John Guise who set up the website you recommend is also a New Zealander - me too! He's an interesting man and his book is interesting to read as well. Much more interesting than the website.
Your website is terrific and my only wish would be that there were more drills to practise new grammar esp with all these tricky suffixes.
Jul 22, 2013
hangi hangsi
Aug 30, 2013
Sorry to be a pain but guided speaking isn't working.
Dec 12, 2013
resurrecting an old point mentioned earlier on this discussion... yes practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening (the most difficult) at the same time.

I know someone from China who can read and write english perfectly but when you ask them if they want to go out to the movies in natural english they struggle..

if you don't use your mouth and listening "muscles".. no amount of reading or writing will help you
Dec 06, 2014
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