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Küçük Kitty
Today, we're looking at all the different ways the simple present tense is used in Turkish. If you do well, we'll let you keep the kitten from today's lesson.
The simple present tense (-er, -ir).
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Öğrenci, Eva
Thanks for that lesson too. I love, that you put in a lot of those little words make language some fluent - such as "definitly ..".
Please do more like that
Nov 27, 2013
can I ask if the future tense was used at the end to show a definite decision, why was it not used in "kediyi ona goturum" as surely it was a definite that the person was going to take the cat to the vet?
Thanks for a great lesson - love the site.
Nov 28, 2013
@Carol - that's a good question. You probably noticed that the way götürmek and almak are being used in the last two sentences is basically identical. Yet we used two different tenses.

We mentioned it in the podcast, and I hate giving this answer, but there are times when either one is appropriate. I asked Büşra your question, and to her native Turkish ear, there is no significant semantic difference between the simple present and future tense in those cases. There is theoretically a subtle difference in that simple present implies more intention (as a promise), and -ecek declares a fact (I AM doing this).

But, you asked exactly the right question. Our main goal for today was to prepare people to see and interpret the simple present outside of it's habitual usage. And looks like you're there :)
Nov 28, 2013
In lesson 119, I'm wondering if there might be a typo in the translation ... or perhaps I'm just not getting it.

Ahmet gelirse, beni mutlaka arar.
If Ahmet comes, I'll definitely call you. (I'm thinking the translation is, "If Ahmet comes, he'll definately call me.")

Love your site - best one out there :-) Thanks!
Jan 14, 2014
You are absolutely right. Thanks so much for letting us know. All fixed now :)
Jan 14, 2014

I wonder whether it is correct to say: "Soğuk su içersense hasta olursun" instead of "Soğuk su içersen hasta olursun"

Apr 14, 2014
Merhaba Kamila!

Nope, içersense isn't gramatically correct. The "-se" is in the "-sen" suffix (which is the "you" form of the conditional). Hope that helps!
Apr 14, 2014
Hi Justin,

In the exercise QUESTIONS AND NEGATIVE REVIEWS simple present tense I am having problems. When it is asked to say the negative it is really asking the question. It is imposible to get it right. Can you check it out? thanks!
Oct 16, 2018
Anonymous Commenter

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