No, Shoot Him!
Lesson 47beginner Turkish Beginner
No, Shoot Him!
Today, Turkish Tea Time brings one of the most cliched dramatic moments to life. . . in Turkish! Listen closely and hopefully you'll figure out which one is the alien imposter.
How to say "other" and "another."
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I admit this was a hard lesson but beautiful in the same time .
Will you please give me another explanation for " Diğer, Öteki, Öbür " just one advice will help me so much
Sep 10, 2013
hi guys
i have a question about executive suffix (i) why some times we add it to some nouns and some times we don't:
film izleyelim for examble.
please help me with that
Sep 10, 2013
Okay, so I'm sitting at my favorite birahane enjoying an Efes. But, I want another Efes. If I say "Başka bira alabilir miyim?", he will think I want another beer but not an Efes, maybe a Tuborg. What would be the best phrase to use here? Öbur bira?, bir daha bira?
Dec 24, 2013
@Öğrenci 1 - check out our lesson on the accusative suffx:

@Öğrenci 2 - Yep! Any of these will work:

Bir daha alabilir miyim?
Bir tane daha alabilir miyim?
Bir bira daha albilir miyim?
Dec 24, 2013
Caught myself making tea for turkish tea time today.

another question about using the accusative:

"the other bottle" = "diğer şişe".
Why is it not "diğer şişesi" using the accusative? Because it's not "a other bottle (another bottle)" but specific "THE other bottle?
Mar 24, 2014
First off, with the accusative, it would take buffer y - so "diğer şişeyi."

Diğer şişeyi is definitely used. For example,

Diğer şişeyi getir = Bring the other bottle.

I think you're referring to the question in the review. The reason we don't have the accusative in that answer is because there's no verb, so it's not a direct object. Remember that in order for a word to take the accusative, it must both be specific and a direct object.
Mar 24, 2014
"diger elma" in the Language Points tab lacks yumuşak g.
Sep 03, 2014
So who's the real Mehmet 1 veya 2
May 03, 2015
@Alexey - çok teşekkür ederiz. It's fixed now!

@Wael - Kim düşünüyorsun? ;-)
May 06, 2015
hahahaha I got it :P
May 08, 2015
Why does the answer to the last review question require both the "possessive" (-i/-si) ending, as well as the "accusative" (-i/-yi/-ni) ending?

I was expecting it to only require the accusative because of "Seçmek", but instead of "diğeri seçtik" being correct, it was "diğerini seçtik."

You all are doing an awesome job, so thank you! keep it up!
Sep 26, 2015
Hello - I was coming online to ask the above question from @Ogrenci. Could you explain the suffixes on the last review question? I was also expecting "diğeri seçtik." Thank you!
Jul 23, 2020
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