On the Set
Lesson 73intermediate Turkish Intermediate
On the Set
Lights. Camera. Action! Today we're live on set, shooting an action-comedy about Turkish Tea. Starring the future participle.
The future participle (ecek).
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ne oldu? this is the last lesson I saw since may 31! is there any problem ? :((
Jun 07, 2013
Hi Şeyma! No problem! We took a week off due to the situation here in Istanbul. But we're back today.

Anyway, thanks so much for checking in on us. Glad to know people noticed when we disappeared for a few days :D
Jun 10, 2013
oh I see, welcome back and we surely notice when your amazing lessons aren't here :)
I hope you all had some rest because posting a new lesson here everyday beside your other work etc is really exhausting.. kolay gelsin ! :D
Jun 13, 2013
In Language Points
"The man who I will love" was translated as
"sevegim adam". Why isn't it adami (specific object)?
Jan 09, 2014
That suffix you are adding to adam is the accusative. For a word to take the accusative, it must be a specific thing (you're right there), but must also be the direct object of the sentence. So, seveceğim adam could take the accusative if it's being used as a direct object in a sentence, but here it's just being used in isolation to illustrate the grammar point. There's no verb, so there's no object, so there's no accusative.
Jan 10, 2014
Thanks Justin
"I will love " I took to be a verb and the man , the object of that verb. I guess its just not considered as a verb in this construction.
Thanks again
Jan 10, 2014
started 2 years ago, I've been working through the lessons in level order and have just finished this lesson (I haven't been doing them regularly). Anyway, I'm glad this site still exists! It's funny how the dialogs from beginner level sound so slow to my ears now. Will there be new material or lessons added to this site or is what we see now everything?
Nov 27, 2016
Hey Can! Awesome to hear! Unfortunately, this is it for now. I'm not sure if we will return to produce more content in the future, but right now it's looking like probably not. Please do stick around and get as much use out of what we do have :)
Nov 28, 2016
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