Two Stupid Sheep
Lesson 38intermediate Turkish Intermediate
Two Stupid Sheep
We're not saying that sheep are the smartest animals in the world, but these two seem to be particularly clueless. Make sure you have a clue and join us today to learn about the construction -ip durmak.
The -ip durmak construction.
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The fun section is boş !!Sonra gelio mi?
Apr 25, 2013
Oh no! We are seeing it over here - can you usually see embedded youtube videos in your browser? Maybe try to refresh?

Anyway, this is totally cheating, but here's our fun video for the day:
Apr 25, 2013
would it be possible to have the Turkish spoken just a little slower? I listen to your podcasts regularly when I am driving and it is a little too fast to always understand. Sagol!
May 05, 2013
In my opnion it is better to record with small speed for newbies.
And gradually increase speed to normal Turkish speed for more advanced courses.
You can read the text afterwards back and listen again.
And learn to recognize and listen and understand.
In my opnion this is one very big Plus of this website, which you cannot find elsewehere:-)
May 27, 2013
Merhaba! Dumb question: Why wouldn't the last exercise in the Review take an -ip durmak construction? If you meant that you were exhausted by doing so much translation, could you use it?

Sep 07, 2014
Is it every correct to use the simple past tense when using 'dan/den beri'? The last question in the review only uses simple past, but from what I can remember I thought you were only supposed to use continual past, "iyordu'.
Sep 02, 2015
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