Using Turkish for Turkish
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Using Turkish for Turkish
You know you're making progress when you can use your Turkish to improve your Turkish. Join us today and become a perpetual motion machine of language learning.
Asking about Turkish in Turkish.
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Thank you for your efforts.. Really useful lesson I always want to ask the one in front of me to speak slowly in order to understand. What is the best way to do it?
May 30, 2013
The absolute most simple thing you can get away is "Daha yavaş lütfen."

A little more complicated: "Biraz daha yavaş konuşabilir misiniz?"
May 30, 2013
en iyi öğrendiğimler ders bu.

Jun 01, 2013
i love you
Jun 07, 2013
hello i wanna know the alfabe and counting?
Jun 08, 2013
We don't have a lesson just about the alphabet yet (though we should do that, huh?), but you can find a lesson on the Turkish letters that are different than English here:

Here's a lesson that talks about numbers:

Keep an eye out for some lessons on the alphabet and numbers soon. Thanks for your comment :D
Jun 10, 2013
we need pleasev conjugation of verbs
me all the time have problem with conjugation of turkish verb in past tense

thank you very much
Jun 16, 2013
Öğrenci, Eva
Hello unkown Ögrenci-Member,
for the -alfabe- there is a very nice "fun-video" here at in one of the beginner-lessons.
Children are singing several times the A B C .....nice an worth to find it!

If you like, there is an other good and nice LINK to; look there for "";
there are MP3 in 100 short lessons - for free- to hear much more Turkish.
You can get 2 versions, best is in my opninion first your natuaral language, than twice the sentence spoken in Turkish, spoken each by a man and a woman.

Best regards
Dec 16, 2013
in the dialog can "doğru söyleyebiliyor muyum?" be interchanged with "doğru söylüyor muyum?"
Jan 26, 2015
For question 4, is "büyük ile kocaman arasında ne fark var?" a possible answer?
Jan 26, 2015
Hi @Can - sorry for the late reply.

Those two sentences aren't exactly the same, though both of your phrasings would be totally okay in this dialog.

Doğru söyleyebiliyor muyum = Am I able to say this correctly?
Doğru söylüyor muyum = Am I saying this correctly?

For your second question: your sentence is perfect. -le is just the abbreviated form of ile. Aferin sana!
Feb 05, 2015
Based on one of the REVIEW problems (the last one):
Can we use Şimdiki Zaman tense together with "-ebil" for nearrest future activity? In this REVIEW example "gidemiyorum"?
Apr 27, 2017
Merhaba Maciek!

You can say gidemiyorum. As with the other tenses, there's very little difference between gidemiyorum and gidemeyeceğim - both being used for future action. Gidemem is typically for more habitual action.

So, if I wanted to stay that I can't go to France in September, I would use gidemiyorum or gidemeyeceğim. If I'm poor and I can never go to France (because I can't afford it), gidemem would be better.
May 01, 2017
Thanks Justin. Perfectly explained
May 03, 2017
I was wondering how "demek" turns into "denir" for "______ Türkçe'de nasıl denir?" I always learned "________ ne demek?" was sufficient, and "denir" isn't a conjugation that I can find for demek.
Apr 20, 2020
Unfortunately it seems that Justin and Busra are no longer here. What a shame
Dec 03, 2020
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