Closed Conditionals

Closed conditionals are also formed with -se and express circumstances that didn't actually happen (but could have). For example: if I had eaten (but I didn't), I wouldn't be hungry. Unlike the open conditional, the closed is formed by putting a tense ending after -se.

More Closed Conditionals

Combine -se with the past tense to form closed conditionals.

Closed Conditional Phrases

Fill in the blanks with closed conditional verbs.

Closed Conditional Phrases with Keşke

Make closed conditionals in these phrases using keşke.

The Wishing Mood

Add -se to verbs to express wishes.

Negative Wishing Mood

Add -me to form negative closed conditionals.

Wishing Mood with Keşke

Practice making wishes with -se and keşke to say "if only."

Wishing Mood Translations

Practice forming wishes by translating from English.


Add -se by itself to express hypotheticals.