Commands & Suggestions

The imperative is the simplest Turkish verb form - it's just the root (plus a little more to make formal). -elim and -eyim are common and easy suffixes we can use to make suggestions.

Informal Commands

It's just the verb root! Add -me to make it negative.

Formal Commands

Add -in to commands to make them formal.

Let's -elim

Use -elim to say "let's do!" Add -me and a buffer y for negative.

I Shall -eyim

Suggest your own actions with -eyim.

Suggestion Questions

Use mi with -elim and -eyim to suggest more gently with questions.

JUST DO IT -sene

Add -sene to add urgency to your commands.


Review all the ways to boss someone around.


Use -meli to express "should."

Should Translations

Practice using -meli by translating from English.