More Fun with Verbs

In these exercises, we cover some verbal topics that don't fit in neatly elsewhere. We learn the short infinitive, which will soon be useful in construction expressions of need. We also learn the inferential tense -miş, that Turkish uses to express uncertainty about reported events. Finally, we practice -ip, -dir, and adverbial -erek.

The Short Infinitive

Form the short infinitive and add the personal suffix.

Inferential Tense -miş

Add -miş to verbs to form the inferential.

Adjectives and Nouns with -miş

Add -miş to adjectives and nouns to convey uncertainty.

By Doing -erek

Use adverbial -erek to say "by doing."


Use -dir to make declarative nonverbal sentences.

Connecting Verbs with -ip

Add -ip to to the verb to convey quick successive action.