Past Tense

Past tense is probably the easiest of the Turkish verb tenses. Beware the consonant mutation and you'll do great. We also revisit the personal suffix and how we express "to be" in the past.

Singular Past Tense

Add -dim, -din, or -di.

Consonant Mutation

Mutate -di into -ti.

Plural Past Tense

Add -dik, -diniz, and -diler.

Past Tense Review

Review past tense by translating from English.

Past Tense Questions

Use mi to form past tense questions.

Negative Past Tense

Use -me to form the negative past tense.

Negative Questions

Combine the last two to make negative past tense questions.

Questions and Negatives Review

Translate from English.

Past Tense "To Be"

Add the past suffixes to nouns and adjectives for past tense "to be."


Review everything!