Personal Possessives

Turkish also uses suffixes to express ownership. There are special suffixes that we must add to words to say that they belong to me, you, us, etc. In this lesson, we also practice some of the subtle parts of adding suffixes, like consonant mutation and buffer letters.

Possessive Pronouns

Practice the words for my, your, his/her, our, and their.

It's mine!

Use benim and -im to say that these things belong to you.

Singular Possessive Suffix

Add -im, -in, and -i to form the singular possessives.

Plural Possessive Suffix

Add -imiz, -iniz, and -leri to form the plural possessives.

Consonant Mutation

Mutate whispered letters as you add the possessive suffix.

Vowel Dropping

Drop vowels when you add the personal suffix.

Buffer S

Add a buffer s when using the third person possessive suffixes.

Var Possessives

Use the personal possessive with var and yok.

Var Possessive Questions

Ask questions using the possessive and var/yok.