Present Tense

In these exercises, we're diving into the wild world of Turkish verbs for the first time. The present tense is formed with the suffix -iyor and personal suffix that we've already learned. We'll also see the negative and question verbal patterns for the first, but certainly not the last, time.

Infinitives and -iyor

Just add -iyor to the verb stem to get the third person form.

Singular Present Tense

Form the present tense forms for ben, sen, and o.

Plural Present Tense

Form the present tense for biz, siz, and onlar.

Translate Present Tense

Review what you've learned so far by translating from English.

Negative Present Tense

Form the negative present tense using the -me negative suffix.


Form present tense questions using the mi question article.

Translate Negatives and Questions

Translate present tense negatives and questions.

Negative Questions

Combine the negative and question forms to ask negative questions.