To, From, and At

-e, -den, and -de (also known as the dative, ablative, and locative) are invaluable not only in literally expressing to, from, and at - they're found in a wide range of Turkish constructions we'll learn later.


Add the suffix -e or -a to say "to" in Turkish.

Vowel and K Endings

If a noun ends in a vowel, add a buffer y before -e. If it ends in k, change it to ğ.

In, On, At

Practice using the locative suffix -de and -da to say in, on, and at.


Use -den or -dan to say "from" in Turkish.

Consonant Mutation

Mutate -de and -den into -te and -ten.

To, From and At Review

Let's do it! Remember your buffer letters and mutations!


Translate from English to prove your mastery.

At + Personal Suffix

Combine -de and the personal suffix in these translations.

Irregular Pronouns with the Dative

Ben, sen, o --> bana, sana, ona.